Lochgilphead Active Travel Definitions: Quietway

Throughout this website we have the term ‘Quietway’. As this is not a commonly known term we have further expanded on it to help you make a more informed decision about the route options for Lochgilphead.

Quietway: Road width restrictions/ build outs:

Quietways are walking and cycling routes through areas where traffic is generally quieter. They make it easier for many local people who would like to try cycling, but would rather not cycle on main roads. Road width restrictions and build outs are often used in the design of quietways, these may include the widening or addition of a footway and or cycleway, street tree planting, and rain gardens. Narrowing roads in this way gives the impression of a more confined road and slows traffic, creating a safer space for pedestrians and cyclists. It also reduces the crossing distance and improves visibility for pedestrians when crossing the road. Quiet roads with less traffic can be narrowed to single lane use.

Image 1: Street tree planting, buildouts, Walthamstow village