Lochgilphead Active Travel Definitions: Raised Table

Throughout this website we have the term ‘raised table’. As this is not a commonly known term we have further expanded on it to help you make a more informed decision about the route options for Lochgilphead.

Raised Tables:

Raised tables are an effective traffic calming measure. They are often used at pedestrian crossings, to slow vehicle traffic to a safe speed, provide a smoother ride for buses, HGVs and emergency vehicles and give pedestrians a level crossing between footways. The size of the raised table is flexible to fit the area of safety concern. A raised table could span all parts of a four-arm junction (Argyll St, Lorne St and Union Street junction), or be placed on a single straight section of road (Whitegates Rd crossing or the A83).

Image 1: Raised table, Preston