Lochgilphead Active Travel Definitions: Rain Gardens

Throughout this website we have the term ‘rain garden’. As this is not a commonly known term we have further expanded on it to help you make a more informed decision about the route options for Lochgilphead.

Rain Gardens:

A rain garden is a shallow area of ground which receives rain water from roads, pavements and roofs during storms. This helps our streets to deal with heavy rain more effectively by storing the water and reducing the pressure on the drains. They also filter and clean the rain water. Rain gardens are planted with vegetation such as grasses and flowering perennials that can withstand occasional temporary flooding; creating beautiful, low maintenance and wildlife-friendly spaces. They are a highly cost effective and attractive way to manage water in our towns.

‘Grey to Green’, Sheffield  
Planting Design: Nigel Dunnett and Zac Tudor.  
Scheme Design: Sheffield City Council with Robert Bray Associates.